Ramada Burbank

Yelp has Rated Burbank’s Porto’s Bakery the #5 Restaurant in the US!


Yelp released its list of the top 100 Yelp reviewed restaurants in the whole country for 2014, and Porto’s Bakery in Burbank, California, came in at number 5. That’s right, out of the top 100 restaurants in the entire country, a bakery heralding from Los Angeles has come in at number 5. When staying in Burbank, you cannot miss out on a stop to Porto’s Bakery. Trust us. You won’t regret it!

Porto’s Bakery sells more than just your typical baked goods. What makes Porto’s stand out from other Bakeries is that it is a Cuban Bakery specializing in Cuban foods. Not only do they sell typical sweet desserts, but they also sell food as well. Sure, you can get your cakes and fruit tarts and all the other goodies that your sweet tooth can handle, but don’t forget about the other food either. Maybe stop by for breakfast, where you can try something off their breakfast menu. Consider a breakfast sandwich made out of a chorizo and cheese omelet served on sweet Cuban bread. Or maybe the guacamole and cheese omelet served on a croissant. If you are looking for something a little less filling (so you can save room for dessert), maybe order Cuban toast. You’ll be served sweet Cuban bread, butter, and delicious coffee. In addition to their breakfast menu, they also serve sandwiches and many smaller dishes such as the papa rellena – a crowd favorite and probably one of the best comfort foods in existence. The papa rellena is essentially a ball of mashed potatoes filled with beef that has been breaded and deep-fried. Their classic sandwich is the Cubano, which comes with ham, pork, Swiss cheese, mayo, butter, and pickles on Cuban bread. During your stay, don’t forget to stop by Porto’s Bakery and experience what Burbank has to offer.