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Warner Brothers Studios

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Founded in 1923, Warner Brothers Studios has been behind classic movies such Casablanca, The Exorcist, The Matrix, The Harry Potter franchise and more. The studios has also released more recent films such as Wonder Woman, The Lego Movie, and Inception. For an exciting Hollywood experience that you won’t get anywhere else, sign up for a Warner Bros Studio Tour and go behind the scenes where you’ll see movie magic come to life! Stay at an airport hotel and be close to all the action. Read on to learn more!


The Warner Bros Studio Tour is an impressive mix of hands on fun with excitingin historical facts about the studio and hor movies are made. You’ll visit backlots and sound stages and see where actual movies were filmed. Next, stop by the costume and prop warehouse where you can see the actual props and costumes used in some of your favorite films and TV shows. There is even an entire section dedicated to the various batmobiles that have been used throughout the Batman franchise as well as props from the Harry Potter franchise. At the end of the tour, you’ll learn how a movie or sitcom comes to life. There are fun, hands on experience including green screens and a chance to tape a real episode of Friends!


The studio offers a choice between the Studio Tour and the Deluxe Tour. The deluxe tour is an immersive and in depth six hour experience that will take you through the studio’s 110 acre lot. Children 8 and under will not be permitted to attend the deluxe tour or the regular Studio tour. For the studio tour, tickets are $65 for adults and $55 for children 8-12. During your trip to L.A., be sure to attend a Warner Bros Studio Tour and learn all about the Hollywood movie magic!