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Tiki Bars in Los Angeles

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Sometimes, there’s simply nothing like going to a classic Tiki Bar and enjoying some fantastic cocktails. If you find yourself in the mood to go to a tiki bar, you’ll want to go to the best ones in the city. Read on to learn more about some of the best tiki bars in the city.

A good place to start is at Tonga Hut, L.A.’s oldest Tiki Bar. Founded in 1958, this location has been a beloved spot of locals and visitors alike for decades. This place is perfect to get your fix of fun drink. Try the Tonga Hut Rum Barrel served up with a fun mug, classic umbrella and a slice of lime. Another classic is the Chief Lapu Lapu, served with passion fruit and a blend of Jamaican and Puerto Rican rums. You’ll find the Tonga Hut at 120808 Victory Blvd in North Hollywood.

The Pacific Seas Room at Cliftons has been around for years. Clifton’s is most notably known as one of L.A.’s oldest cafeteria style eateries but it’s so much more. They have various floors filled with bars and dancing and of course – a secret tiki room known as the Pacific Seas Room. The room is perfectly dimmed and exotic, just as you’d expect a tiki room to be. Once inside, consider ordering the Painkiller – similar to a traditional pina colada, this specialty of the British Virgin Islands includes a splash of nutmeg to really add something special.

Lono is truly a perfect getaway in the heart of Old Hollywood. Inside, you’ll find quite the getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city as well as a stellar cocktail list that will satisfy whatever you’re in the mood for. For something spicy, go with the Ring of Fire, served with mezcal, aperol, fresh lime, ginger, pineapple, habanero and togarashi spice. For something more fruity, try the Pearl Diver, served with jamaica and puerto rico rums, fresh lime, cara cara orange and gardenica mic.