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Take a Tour of the NBC Burbank Studio!

NBC Burbank Studio Tour

For those visiting California with interest in television, an excellent suggestion for an afternoon’s entertainment is the NBC Burbank Studio Tour. Of all the commercial television networks running in America, only the NBC facility at Burbank offers visitors a look behind the scenes at how programs are made. This kind of tour is not available at ABC, or with Fox or CBS. So, while NBC might not offer everyone’s favorite shows, it is a unique opportunity to see some hidden secrets. Moreover, the tour is priced very reasonably in comparison to tours offered at film studios, like Universal or Warner Brothers. Those staying in one of the hotels around Burbank should spend a day behind the scenes and take a tour!

Lasting between one hour to an hour and a half, the walking tour is guided around some of NBC’s most famous sets. You can also view some of the production areas to see things not usually on display to the public. Inside the heart of the Burbank studios, visitors are shown the large warehouse storage areas, where numerous props are kept safely. The tour proceeds to visit construction areas, where teams of workers are building the sets, which must appear so realistically on television. You move on to see the special effects areas and some of the latest techniques being used as well as visiting the wardrobe store area, where costumes and makeup are kept. The group is also led past the Peacock Store and out into the car park area, where Jay Leno and the other celebrities of NBC leave their vehicles. The NBC commissary is also glimpsed. It is famous because of the jokes made about that cafeteria over the years by Johnny Carson. Upstairs in Studio Three, tour guests can sit in the same seats as the celebrity interviewees of Jay Leno’s show and can see the set up close.

Also, part of the tour includes a video documentary about the history of NBC. This documentary gives a demonstration of how the sound effect machines are operated and help explain various television effects, demystifying their use on the small screen. Occasionally, tour groups cross paths with minor celebrities from some of the NBC shows, too, though this cannot be predicted! All in all, for television fans and those with interest in seeing what goes on behind closed doors to make television come to life, the NBC studio tour at Burbank is an ideal attraction.