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Take These Tours On Your Next Trip To Los Angeles


For decades, Los Angeles has been the center of the movie-making world. It is no surprise that there are so many studios in Los Angeles. Many of your favorite movies were filmed right here in the City of Angels. If you want to learn more about movie magic and the stars that made them possible, here are some Los Angeles tours that you should take during your trip this summer.

Warner Bros. is the studio that brought you movies such as The Dark Night, the Harry Potter series, Inception, and classic movies such as Casablanca and The Exorcist. During the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, you and your family can go behind the scenes at this historic movie studio. At the backlot, you’ll see sets from movies and shows like the Batman saga, Gilmore Girls and Friends. You can also enter into sound stages so you can see where current shows are being filmed! At Warner Bros., there are over ten backlots and 30 soundstages. Enjoy all this and so much more when you go on the Warner Bros. studio tour. Visit the Warner Bros. website at www.warnerbros.com to find out more.

Universal Studios Hollywood is another excellent studio tour. Universal Studios has brought you movies such as Jurassic Park, the Fast and the Furious franchise, Despicable Me, E.T., King Kong, and classic films such as Jaws, Dracula, The Invisible Man, and Psycho. The video host of the tour is comedian Jimmy Fallon and host of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” On tour, visit a set from the movie War of the Worlds, see Wisteria Lane from the series Desperate Housewives, visit the Bates Motel from Psycho, and so much more. After the tour, you will also go on the award-winning ride, King Kong 360 3-D, which was created by Peter Jackson. Visit www.universalstudioshollywood.com/attractions/studio-tour to learn more.

If you want to see the places that the movie stars go to while in Los Angeles, a guided bus tour is an excellent option. StarLine Tours is the largest tour operator in all of Hollywood. StarLine Tours offer several options depending on what you are looking for. If you want to see celebrities and want to know where the stars hang out, take the TMZ Hollywood Celebrity Tour and learn all about the latest gossip and inside information on the stars. Other tours include the Grand Tour of Los Angeles and the Movie Stars Home Tour. Head to www.starlinetours.com today!