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Speakeasies in Burbank

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Do you enjoy cocktails? Do you enjoy bars that offer something unique and different? If so, it sounds like speakeasies are the place for you. Check out some of the speakeasies near the Burbank area, you won’t regret it.


El Tigre Magnífico

You’ve heard of speakeasies, but have ever heard of a bar in an apartment building? El Tigre Magnifico is literally a bar located in an apartment complex in Glendale featuring some of the best cocktails you’ve ever had. The ‘bar’ is actually literally an apartment within the complex so it gives off a laid back and intimate feel. The bartenders will even hang out with you and your friends after making drinks for everyone and speaking of drinks – the cost is on a donation basis so be sure to bring cash.


The Red Door

Reminiscent of Old Hollywood, outside this speakeasie you’ll only find a red door illuminated by glowing red lights. Inside, you’re met with rich velvet and dim lights, giving off a vibe that if there were vampires, this is the bar they would hang out in. Choose from bar seating to tables to sofas and sit back and enjoy excellently crafted cocktails while watching classic black and white films on the TVs above the bar.


No Vacancy

At first, you’ll wonder if this is the right place as you drive through a residential street filled with typical houses. Then you’ll see a large victorian home built in the 1920s. As you enter, you’ll walk up a narrow staircase where you’re met by three doors. If you pick the right one, you’ll enjoy one of the best entrances to the bar of any speakeasie around. Once inside, the bar is actually a house – the first floor of a large victorian home that has been transformed into seating areas. The whole backyard features places to sit as well as live music and even burlesque shows.


Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

Perhaps one of the more iconic speakeasies in L.A., this is one the bars that put speakeasies back on the map. It features a fun and unique entrance into the bar, with the front door actually being a literal refrigerator that you walk into! Once inside, the good times continue as you enter the bar to find that the whole place is reminiscent of the 1970s.