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Opening Day at Dodger Stadium 2018

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As spring approaches it can only mean one thing, the boys in blue are back. That is, the Dodgers, Los Angeles’ baseball team will be once again engaging in their season. Last season, the Dodgers made it all the way to the World Series and this year they are planning on returning! Be there to cheer on the Dodgers along the way and catch one of their upcoming games.


The Dodgers home opener will take place on Thursday, March 29th when they take on their cross state rivals, the San Francisco Giants. It’s the bay area versus southern CA, who will take home the win? While the regular season doesn’t start until March 29th, you can still see the Dodgers play at the Dodgers stadium sooner than that as they engage in Spring Training. During spring training, the dodgers will play against the Cleveland Indians on Monday, March 5th at 12:05pm. Later that week they play the Kansas City Royals on Friday, March 9th at 12:05pm. If you can’t make a weekend game, there’s nothing to worry about. The Dodgers will play the Chicago Cubs on Saturday, March 10th at 6:05pm. Other teams that the Dodgers will play during spring training include the Milwaukee Brewers, the Colorado Rockies, the Chicago White Sox and the Oakland Athletics. Additionally, there will also be more cross town rivalries taking place as the Dodgers play against the San Diego Padres and the Anaheim Angels.


Going to a Dodger’s game is a great way to enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather as the Dodger Stadium is outdoors. The stadium also offers beautiful views of downtown Los Angeles. Whether you have kids or want to do something fun with friends, a baseball game is a great way to enjoy time together. If you want to do as the locals do, be sure to catch a Dodger’s game. Go Blue!