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Los Angeles Escape Rooms

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When staying in Los Angeles, it might seem that there are nearby attractions everywhere. One of these are escape rooms, which are fun experiences that have been growing in popularity. From date nights to birthday parties to team building experiences, Escape Rooms seem to be popping up everywhere. You and your group of friends only has one hour to complete a series of clues that will allow you to escape from a locked room. Check out some of these escape room Los Angeles experiences.


Amazing Escape Room

This escape room location offers 5 different themed escape rooms. Try your luck at Escape the X Corporation. You’ve volunteered to be a part of the mysterious X Corporation’s new experimental program. The next thing you know you’ve awoken in a strange room filled with strangers. None of you know how you got there or what is happening, but the door is locked, there’s a timer counting down from one hour, and a sign tells you to “continue the test.”


LA Maze Rooms

Located at various locations throughout Los Angeles, LA Maze Rooms offer themed rooms in varying difficulties from medium, hard and impossible. Do you think you have what it takes? If so, try out Portal, an escape room that is set an an impossible difficulty level. Located at 14429 Ventura Blvd. in LA, this maze room is good for 2-6 players. Try your skills today! Visit the official website for more information.


Escape Room Gamez

What sets apart Escape Room Gamez from other Escape Room companies is that this location not only offers real life escape rooms, but virtual reality escape rooms too. Virtual reality escape rooms will take things to the next level, in this 60 minute experience that is good for 1-12 people. Do you have what it takes?