Ramada Burbank

Laughter and Good Times at the Flapper Comedy Shows

As the saying goes, laughter is indeed the best medicine, so why not attend one of the hilarious comedy shows in Southern California. The Flapper Comedy Club and Restaurant in Burbank hosts a variety of comedy shows that will be sure to make you fall out of your seat laughing. Here are some of the headliners in May. If you’re visiting Burbank or staying around hotels in Burbank, then don’t miss out on one of these skits.

Two Milk Minimum

If you’re looking for something fun to do this Saturday, then attend the Two Milk Minimum show. This is a family-friendly show, so make sure to bring your kids along to enjoy some humor and food. Kids attending this event will get to watch talented magicians, jugglers, improv acts, musicians, and puppeteers. During the show, you will also have the option of ordering off the menu. There is a separate menu for children known as the Super Cool Kids meal, which includes a burger, pizza, and fries. This event will consist of performers that appeared on shows like Nickelodeon TV, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel. One of the performers of this event is the well-known comedy juggler Michael Rayner. Michael has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and the Gong Show with Dave Attell. He is a must-see comedian. This venue is also a great way to celebrate your kid’s birthday during the show. A private room is available in the Yoo Hoo Room for those wishing to have an intimate gathering with family and friends.

Soup or Bowl Round Four

If you’re more interested in watching novelty comedians duke it out for a professional gig at the Flappers Comedy Club, then attend the Soup or Bowl Round Four event on Wed, May 15, at 8 pm. This is a comedy contest that consists of comics performing six-minute acts in different rounds. As the votes are tallied, there will be improv performances and skits that will be shown. The top 3 winners will be going on to the Super Bowl Finals in which the ultimate winner will be crowned and awarded $500 with a professional gig opportunity. Later in the year, the top 3 finalists will be invited to compete in the Clyde’s Cup Grand Championship, where the top prizes consist of $2000 cash and a Clydes trophy. Please check back with Flappers Comedy Club for more details about this event.