Ramada Burbank

Kites, Wings, & Flying Things Exhibit @ the Pasadena Museum of History


For centuries, man has been fascinated with the notion of flight. From the early days of kite flying in the park, to the futurist technologies which have enabled us to explore beyond the realms of our own planet, that fascination has continued to grow. The state of California has been instrumental in the development and evolution of aeronautical technologies, and both residents and visitors can jump at the chance to educate themselves further on this subject.

The Pasadena Museum of History has recognized this passion for aviation and has set up the Kites, Wings, and Other Flying Things exhibit which documents the history of flight, from kites through to space age explorations. They have also set up an exhibit which documents the evolution of aeronautical technology over the last 100 years, and the role that Pasadena has played in this.

On display will be a selection of kites which are on loan from different collectors as well as some which have been designed specially by local artists. Various different parts of the design and build process will be displayed for visitors to browse over and maybe pick up some tips.

In addition to this will be a flight timeline which highlights the evolution of aeronautical technology. It pays particular attention to the first use of balloons in the Civil War, which were instrumental in gathering intelligence and spying on the enemy. Also, there will be information regarding the first attempted transcontinental flight in 1911 which had to be terminated in Pasadena.

All of this will be available to visit up until April 21st and is open Wednesday – Sunday, 12pm-5pm. Entry is $7 for general admission with concession for students and seniors. Children under 12 can enter for free as well, so why not take advantage of this exhibit or one of the other upcoming events at the Pasadena Museum of History!