Ramada Burbank

Get your Tiki On

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When traveling to Burbank, California, not only are you in great city to explore, you’re also conveniently located to the Los Angeles area. Thanks to the nearby proximity, consider taking advantage of the fun things to do in LA such as heading to a tiki bar with friends! Check out some of these classic tiki bar locations in the LA area.


The Tonga Hut is LA’s Oldest Tiki Bar and has been around since 1958. Sporting mid-century architecture, it’s also got the look and feel of a classic tiki bar. While the decor is great, what you’re really wanting from a tiki bar are the classic south pacific inspired tiki drinks. From the classic toga hut rum barrel cup to the scorpion bowl filled with plenty of rum and brandy topped with a flaming tiki head! Try the Chief Lapu Lapu as well served up with passion fruit mixed with jamaican and puerto rican rums. You’ll find the tiki bar at 120808 Victory Blvd in North Hollywood.


Clifton’s Pacific Seas room is located at the popular Clifton’s establishment in Los Angeles. The pacific seas room opened up in 1932 and the bar was transformed into an exciting South Seas adventure filled with palm trees, waterfalls and even official artifacts from the south pacific. Today, continue the exploration of the south seas without ever having to leave the urban jungle. Try the Pacific Seas Daiquiri and enjoy a delectable blend of fresh lime, orange bitters, apricot and white rum.


If you find yourself in Hollywood, head over to Lono, where tiki inspired cocktails perfectly pairs with the glamour of Old Hollywood. While there are a number of classic tropical inspired cocktails such as the mai tai or pina colada, enjoy more tiki inspired cocktails as well such as the Pearl Driver. The drink comes with jamaican and puerto rico rum, fresh lime, don’s gardenia mix and cara cara orange. Pair your drinks with small bites such as tiki tots, chicken wings, or pineapple popcorn shrimp.