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Dapper Cadaver Horror Props

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With October upon us, it means that Halloween is right around the corner. The city of LA and nearby Burbank have a number of halloween activities that you and your family can take advantage of. While in the city, consider a trip to the nbc studio burbank and take a tour. If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, than you’ll know how important it is to decorate your home and to get all the right decorations that are sure to scare anyone who sees them. Lucky for you, the Dapper Cadaver is just the thing for you.


The Dapper Cadaver is a specialty prop shop that focuses on horror props. After just a few moments in the store, you’ll come to find that this location is where nightmares are made. Many of the props are made so well, you’ll hardly know that they’re fake. The Dapper Cadaver specializes in human props such as corpses, dummies, fake body parts, skeletons, skulls, bones, as well as blood and makeup. They also sell creatures such as animal skulls, dog and cat props, reptiles, prop taxidermy and more. In addition to animal props, they also offer fantasy and supernatural creatures, and even dinosaur replicas! If you’re looking for props for your own haunted house, be sure to stop here as they have all the decorations you could possibly want. From fake weapons to oddities that will make you squirm, the Dapper Cadaver is the place for you.


If you still somehow don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry, the Dapper Cadaver also can make custom props in house! So whatever you’re looking for or might need, allow the creative geniuses as the Dapper Cadaver to help make your vision a reality. You’ll find the Dapper Cadaver located at 7648 San Fernando Road in L.A. Visit the official website for more information.