Ramada Burbank

Celebrate Asian art at the Martial Arts History Museum


Are you interested in the world of martial arts? Have you ever taken classes in hapkido or karate for example? Or maybe you are simply interested in learning more about the world of martial arts while in Burbank CA? Whatever the case may be, you should consider taking a trip to the Martial Arts History Museum – the very first museum of its kind! That’s right, this is the first museum in America that is specifically devoted to the incredible history of martial arts. When you take a trip to The Martial Arts History Museum, you will learn the incredible impact that the world of martial arts has had on history, culture, art, and Asian tradition.

The Martial Arts History Museum first opened up in 1999 and has continued to teach guests about the interesting world. At first, the museum was a travelling exhibit traveling from San Diego all the way to New Jersey. For over six years the traveling museum went to anime festivals, martial arts tournaments, expos, and Asian shows before finally deciding to settle down in one place. In 2010 the museum finally decided to plant its roots in Burbank and opened for the first time in 2011. At the martial arts history museum you will see how the ancient art of martial arts has come from a wide range of countries. Come and see displays on a variety of types of martial arts such as karate, judo, kung fu, ninja, samurai, Muay Thai from Thailand, Lua from Hawaii, or Kali from the Philippines just to name a few. You can also see the various types of weapons that are often used in the different types of martial arts. However, there is more to just weapons when it comes to martial arts. You can also see cultural artifacts such as fans from Korea, drums from Thailand, Chinese lion heads, as well as movie props from a variety of martial arts movies. Stop by to learn more about martial arts!