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Burbank’s Martial Arts Museum

Martial Arts History Museum Burbank

The city of Burbank offers much to explore from various museums to the delicious Portos restaurant, a Cuban bakery with multiple locations throughout Southern California. One unique museum that calls the city home is the Martial Arts History Museum Burbank. Not only is this museum known for its unique history of martial arts, but it is also known for its events that are held year-round.

Events that have taken place at the Martial Arts History Museum include martial arts demonstrations and Sushi seminars. There have also been Asian musical performances, guest stars, movie screenings, and more. Recent events included Dragonfest – the World’s Greatest Martial Arts Expo. There was also a book signing event by Robert Redfeather – one of the biggest advocates for Apache knife fighting. Visit their website for upcoming events!

At the museum, you can learn more about martial arts as well as the different Asian countries. These countries include Japan, China, Korea, etc. and the role that martial arts played in their culture. The museum also shows how American history has been affected by martial arts from the history of anime to martial arts in media such as TV, magazines, and Hollywood films. You can also find unique artifacts here, including a traditional Japanese Samurai, Mortal Kombat shield, and more.