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Burbank’s Best Lunch Spots

best Burbank lunch restaurants

When planning your trip around Burbank to see all of the Hollywood attractions, don’t forget to think about lunch. There are incredible restaurants for you to choose from right away. Each offers specials and signature menu items that you’ll have a lot of fun eating.

The following list of five best lunch spots in Burbank offers you a lot of inspiration. You’ll find some of the most interesting eats in the city at The Carving Board, Over Under Public House, The New Deal, Red Maple Café, and SOTTA.

The Carving Board

Get ready to sink your teeth into a piled-high-with-toppings sandwich served on a wooden carving board. This restaurant is one of the area’s finest for lunch. You can choose a Hot or Cold variety. Some favorites include the Big Kahuna complete with Ahi tuna, seared rare cucumbers, soy-marinated wakame seaweed, Roma tomatoes, sweet red onion, and served on a warmed brioche bun, The Bentley with its chunks of filet mignon, grilled onion, blue cheese crumbles, fresh spinach, and bacon mayo served on a ciabatta roll, and the Chicken Salad Club with walnuts, onions, butter lettuce, Roma tomatoes, dried cranberries, and bacon served on a warm brioche bun. There are also grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers along with vegetarian options.

Over/Under Public House

The atmosphere is as important as the lunch menu at this popular eatery. Over/Under Public House specializes in burgers. Made from Grass-Fed Wagyu, beef burgers can also be substituted with chicken and veggie patties. A signature burger for the establishment is the Over/Under Burger which is piled high with pastrami, caramelized onions, bacon, America cheese, spring mix, and sriracha aioli. Other items of interest are the Avocado Toast (after all, it’s California) complete with optional egg, grilled chicken, grilled shrimp or bacon, S.T.S. sandwich with gouda cheese, sliced green apples, and jalapeno aioli, and wings with over ten different flavors to choose from when you order.

burgers and fries

The New Deal

The New Deal is the ‘Real Deal’ for meat-eaters and plant-based diners alike. There is an excellent selection of vegetarian and vegan options as well as a wide range of hearty burgers, sandwiches, and entrees such as Meatloaf and a Beef Short Rib. The wine list is rather extensive, too, if you want to enjoy an adult beverage before resuming your sightseeing tour in the city. Lemon Sorbet with a glass of Moscato is refreshing considering how relentless the California sun can be most days of the year.

Red Maple Cafe

A visit to Burbank wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Red Maple Café. Offering some of the most unique menu options you’ll find in the city; you’ll want to check out the Brisket Green Onion Wafflewich with green onion-infused waffles in place of a bun, the restaurant’s signature Kale Citrus Salad, the fully vegan Red Maple Beyond Burger, and bowls filled with Ahi Tuna, Farro, Southwestern Fiesta flavors or Soba Noodles. Soups, salads, and antipasto salads are available.


Fresh Mediterranean flavors await you at this popular restaurant. From Kabobs to Shawarma to Pita Wraps, you’ll experience a full range of flavors with every bite you eat. All sides are vegetarian. You can choose from Hummus, Dolmas, Babaganoush, and Lentil Soup. The meals are not heavy, so you can move around the city with great ease after refueling at SOTTA.

Enjoy an Incredible Lunch Every Day That You Spend in Burbank

Grabbing a delicious bite to eat for lunch has never been easier than in Burbank. The city is full of impressive spots to stop for food. Now that you know which types of menu items each restaurant on the list offers, you can pick your favorite and make it part of your plan to eat there. Feeling nourished and satisfied, you’ll be able to continue to tour the city with the greatest of ease.