Ramada Burbank

Burbank International Film Festival – September 15-18

The Burbank International Film Festival will run in Burbank from September 15 until September 18. Filled with panels, screenings, classes, and competitions, this classic event will explore numerous films, both short and full-length, and give audiences in-depth looks into the movies and the film-making process. There will be an Awards Gala, red carpet, featured selections, and even some fun mixer events where attendees can mingle and meet some of the filmmakers. Throughout the long weekend, there will be many different happenings that will be perfect for each individual’s desire. Oscar-nominated Indie animator Bill Plympton will put on a master class teaching about animation and all the best juicy secrets. There will be panels on sound effects editing, sound design, audio for film and TV, Foley artist trade tips, stunts, budgeting, engineering, line producing, pre-production, film software, and many more topics. Filmmakers from all over can buy tickets to these classes and learn from some of Hollywood’s most accredited producers, writers, sound mixers, and more.

There will be many featured selections, which include many up and coming films and shorts. There will be a judged competition, but those competitors have not yet been announced. The festival will open with a night of animation to prepare for the first full day of animated works, so on Friday night, there is a party-style event that, in the past, has helped jumpstart the careers of Bill Plympton, John Lasseter, and Tim Burton, among others. There will be a Star Trek adventure on the big screen as well as a fun family animated film with many prominent name celebrity voices.

There will be many celebrity judges present that have worked in some of the best TV shows and movies, so watching these movies and viewing them with some of these celebrities is sure to be an inspirational experience! Check out the Burbank International Film Festival for a fun time and some great movies!