Ramada Burbank

Add a Little Magic to Your Weekends in Burbank!


After you decide where to stay in Burbank CA, get ready for an event that is great for all ages and one that the whole family can enjoy. John Carney is like no magician that you have ever seen before. His sleight of hand will have you wondering how he did his tricks all night long! But John Carney is not just about the tricks he’s also about the laughs. In a unique show that combines hilarious jokes and comedy sketches with fantastic magic, you’ll be in for a night that you’ll never forget!

John Carney isn’t your run of the mill magician either. He is one of the best sleight of hand magicians in the world. In fact, he has even won more awards from Hollywood’s Magic Castle than anyone in their entire history! In his show you won’t see any tigers jumping through hoops or pretty girls being sawed in half. Instead, you’ll have true talent from a quirky guy who happens to crack some jokes along the way. And lucky for you, he will be performing a few shows in Burbank during the month of January!

John Carney will be performing for four nights only so be sure to plan accordingly. He will perform at the Grove Theater Center (GTC) in Burbank located on 1111-B West Olive Ave. The building is behind the Olive Recreation Center and the Lockheed Fighter Jet. He will perform Sunday, January 4th; Sunday, January 11th; Sunday, January 18th; and Sunday, January 25th. All shows will be at 3pm. Tickets are $15 for all ages. If you are interested in seeing this entertaining comedy and magic show, get your tickets today!