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3 Free Museums to See in LA


Los Angeles features an impressive art and museum scene. When you stay at a hotel near Bob Hope Airport, you’ll have access to some of the best museums in the city. In fact, while you’re in LA, you can even enjoy FREE admission to some museums. Here are three locations where you can get in for free.

The Broad is the newest contemporary art museum to hit the streets of Los Angeles. Since it’s recent opening, the Broad has been one of the most popular art museums in LA. The museum is the public home for the art collection of Ali and Edythe who collectively have 2,000 post war pieces. Another great thing about the museum is that admission is always FREE. All you have to do is head to the website where you’ll be able to reserve your admission to the museum in advance. There is also a standing line that allows admission on a first come, first served basis if you don’t make a reservation in advance. Visit the official website for more information.

The Getty Center, which is both an art museum and an architectural masterpiece, sits atop Westside hills overlooking the city. The museum features both European and American art spanning from the medieval times all the way to the present. There are also impressive gardens that guests can enjoy as they walk through the grounds of the museum. Be sure to visit the Central Garden, featuring tree lined walkways and a natural ravine. The museum also features rotating exhibitions and installations so that no matter how many times you visit, it will never be the same! Be sure to visit the website to learn about any exciting events that may be planned.

Located right on Wilshire Blvd you’ll find the Marciano Art Foundation. The building was once an old Masonic temple that was converted into a massive art museum featuring contemporary music. The museum features pieces from well established as well as emerging artists from, predominantly, the 1990s to the present. This new museum features free admission as well. All you have to do is register in advance where you’ll be able to sign up for timed tickets. Come to the museum at your allocated date and time and enjoy the museum for free!