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The 2nd Annual Bacon Festival LA Bacon Festival

LA Bacon Festival

The human race is a race of carnivores —we love our meat— and one of the most favored meats of all is bacon. Bacon is the Tom Cruise of meats; the absolute top dog. Well down at the Petersen Auto Museum, they have recognized this fact and decided to celebrate bacon in its own special way, by holding the Annual LA Bacon Festival.

The event is described as a homage to bacon and opens on Feb 8th from 3pm – 6pm, however, VIP ticket holders will be allowed to enter an hour earlier than everyone else. Once inside, you will be able to sample the best signature dishes from all of the 29 different local restaurants and bakeries, you will also have free access to the Petersen Car Museum —and what could go better with bacon than cars? As you can imagine, this event should be very popular with the male species.  However, women should enjoy themselves too as VIP’s will get the chance to taste test cocktails from several of the vendors as well as enjoy some other surprises along the way.

Tickets for this event can only be bought in advance and it is highly recommended that you get yours as early as possible as they sell out at an alarming rate. A general ticket will cost you $45 with a fee of $3.47, while the extra special VIP treatment will set you back $65 with a fee of $4.57

You don’t have to be a bacon loving car enthusiast to get a kick out of this festival. It can be great fun for people from all walks of life. The bacon festival is only in its second year but already has a huge fan base and a popularity that just keeps on growing. It is the hope of the organizers that it will only get bigger and better from here on, so if you are staying in Burbank and/or love cars and bacon, or with bacon (however you prefer it), this is an event that is must for you!